About Us

The Maryland Black Ice Advanced Skills Camp was launched in 2010, in order to give high school softball players from various regions, a unique chance to demonstrate their skills and learn techniques from some of the finest in the game. The camp is a two-day showcase and instructional event that has become one of the largest of its kind, on the East Coast.

Since its inception, the clinic has graduated hundreds of softball players, ages 14 to 18, providing them with the knowledge and skill to seek opportunities to compete in Division I, II and III college softball programs. Dozens of college return to the Black Ice event each summer to participate in this unique program.

From the beginning, MBI Founder, Keith Calta, has designed the camp to accomplish two things. First, to give the region’s best players a chance to practice their pitching, hitting, fielding, throwing and base running, with the help of some of the finest coaches in the country, under game-like conditions. Secondly, it provides coaches and their staff (from such programs as Providence College, Brown University, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Iona College, Florida State University, the University of South Florida, the University of Maryland and many others) a chance to get to see those players demonstrate their skills in a first-class facility and a supportive environment.

The camp has traditionally catered to young women who are serious about the sport and seek an opportunity to play at the next level. However, Coach Keith also recognizes that each player is different, with varying career goals. Therefore, it is constructed to create learning and college exposure opportunities for players of all levels. Whether they show the potential to be a future Big Ten star or an all-conference recipient on a Division III team, all athletes deserve the chance to learn from knowledgeable and experienced coaches in a diverse and competitive atmosphere.